Yes, I am pretty sure you have heard of the remarkable Panama Hat. Did you know that the hat obtained its name from the times of the Panama Canal Construction?

Yes, they are made in Ecuador, but the name became popular in Panama. These hats are a must have.

Don’t leave your time in Panama without purchasing one of these hats. They are fine quality and wonderful for the weather.

Stylish, Sophisticated, and yes, a Must Have!!!!

Where Will You Visit First in 2015?


If you are not sure where to go but want to take a trip in this New Year, there are several cities to choose from. From Bocas del Toro and Chiriqui to Darien and everywhere in between, you are sure to find adventure, fun, interesting and new things to do.

Why not venture over to Colon, which borders the Atlantic Ocean or Panama City which borders the Pacific Ocean. Whichever sites or cities you choose, you won’t be disappointed!

If you are unsure and would like to know more, Contact me!

Edificio de la Administración del Canal de Panamá

This beautiful building is the Official Administration building of the Panama Canal. Not only is it known for its Architectural details but it also has a rich History.

The inside is just as amazing as the outside and the landscaping speaks for itself.

When you are in Panama, be sure to visit:

Edificio de la Administración del Canal de Panamá.

edificio de la administración del canal de panamá

Casco Antiguo in Panama City, Panama

Casco Antiguo sits at the end of Panama City.  Here you will find some of the oldest buildings in town. These buildings are mostly remodeled and the streets are paved with beautiful cobblestone.

The Presidency is also located here. The name of the area is Casco Viejo or Old Town in English.

There are nice areas to eat or listen to music.  A well-known church with gold furnishings is located in this area as well.

This is a great old place that has come to life with a vibrant atmosphere for all ages.

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